Day 2

“Take pictures of yourself in your underwear or bathing suit.” OK, laugh, and say, “Yeah right.”    BEFORE and AFTER pictures are incredibly powerful! (If taken digitally, you can print them up small and paste them in your journal).  I know because I did it! (Front, Back and Side).

What I noticed was I needed to improve my posture dramatically! …and it wasn’t even one of my fitness goals! (more on that in a few days).  Don’t forget to write in your journal tonight, one positive thing you did today on your journey to good health!

Day 3

Did you remember to write in your journal last night?  I keep mine right next to the bed. If I forget before I go to sleep, I just write down what I accomplished the day before. My entry yesterday had to do with making good food choices all day.  Fitness is about diet and exercise, and making good choices

Today’s Tip:
Take your body measurements. Hip, waist bust, upper leg, upper arm.  It may be easier to have someone else do it for you. If you don’t have a measuring tape, use a piece of ribbon, then measure it. Weigh yourself. Do not do this everyday.  It will drive you crazy! Perhaps once every 2 weeks. Find out what your body fat % is. (I had this done at my gym). If you know where you are now, it will be easier to set a goal for where you want to be Remember, you are just getting ready for the New Year, so you’ll be ready to get started right away!