Today’s Tip: #19, Read Labels

Before purchasing something at the food market, read the ingredients! You want to avoid all sugars. They are bad news and add unwanted pounds to your waistline and hips! It is sometimes disguised as, fructose, corn syrup, cane juice, etc.   Even honey is pure sugar. Can you have a cookie, or piece of cake once in a awhile? Absolutely, however, discard sweets from your diet for a while, until your system does not crave it anymore. I guarantee, when you start to see the difference in your body, (and you should be beginning to see a slight result by now), you won’t want to indulge. You have to REALLY want to make a change, or it won’t happen. Go back and read the “Whys” in your journal from Tip #6 each time you start to reach for a dessert! 

Better yet, if you don’t have it in your cabinet, you won’t reach for it!
Keep up the great work you are doing. It’s making a difference!


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