Day 12

Did you know that your stomach is the size of your clenched fist? Well it’s true! Now, imagine all the food we load up on!  What if you could eat more and healthier, but lose weight and inches too?  Is it possible?  YES!
Today’s Tip: Eat 6 small meals a day. Every 3 hours is a good indicator that it’s time to have something to eat.  You may start off with a bowl of oatmeal.  (Sweeten with berries, if you like). For a snack, have an apple and some almonds. For lunch, perhaps a whole wheat wrap, with turkey and avocado. Always load up on veggies!...so add tomato, cukes, sprouts, etc.  For a snack, if you are in a hurry, down a protein drink, and then for dinner, opt for broiled fish with lemon juice, tons of veggies, and sweet baked potato with low or no-fat cottage cheese instead of butter. You can do this! Trust me, you will start feeling more energetic in a few days.  You’ll want to continue as you start to see the inches wasting away and the pounds falling off.
Enjoy the day…. And write your successes in your journal!



Eating Tips