Tip #68: Vary your food intake day to day

Thus is something you might not think about, however it makes sense especially if you are working out regularly. I’m not only talking about eating different foods, but also the amount that you eat. On workout days, eat a little more to fuel your body. I may start my day with oatmeal if I am going to do a leg workout. The complex carbs in the oatmeal tend to stay with me longer than a piece of fruit per say. On days that you do not work out, eat a little bit lighter, as you are not burning as much fuel. You don’t need as many calories. Make sense? Sure it does!

Workout days:

Protein 40%

Carbs 40%

Fat 20%

Non-Workout days:

Protein 40%

Carbs 30%

Fat 30%

(I read this in a recent issue of Muscle and Fitness)

Enjoy your weekend!



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