Tip #54, One Day Cleanse

The average person feels much better and lives healthier by observing a one-day cleansing fast each week, says Rubin Jordan, N.M.D., PhD. Some involve “monofasts” where people eat only one food or fast from a particular food group. Sometimes they recommended that people go on a chicken broth fast, which is a modified fast. Rubin Jordan, in his book, “The Maker’s Diet”, continues to add, “History has proven that the body can heal itself form many serious conditions by fasting and today the healthcare community is beginning to catch on. Even a partial–day fast from dinner to dinner is beneficial.

The body heals itself while it fasts-it under goes an important regeneration process during our nightly break for activity and eating. This is why our first meal is called “breakfast”- we are breaking the fast that heals! I bet you didn’t know thatJ

I have actually done this for 1 week, just drinking vegetable juices and broths, and had more energy than I ever had. This starts week 3 for me with out caffeine and sugar! I had a headache for 1 day, and now feel terrific! Next week I am considering going on a week cleanse again. It’s been a few years since my last one. It is such a fascinating subject, with tremendous benefits.

Please note; If you have a physical condition and are considering a fast, consult your health professional first. In general anyone with diabetes, or hypoglycemia should only observe a fast with the approval of a healthcare provider. Pregnant or breast-feeding women should not fast al all.

All in all, if you are considering fasting for more than one day, educate yourself, and do some research before embarking. Otherwise, one day a week is a GREAT idea!




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