Health and Vitality Tip #44: Make sure you get adequate daily Vitamin D

Did you know that recent research suggests that not only does Vitamin D help with your bones, but it also maintains muscle strength as we age, elevates moods, lowers blood pressure, and halts autoimmune disease, including multiple sclerosis and type 1 diabetes? Moreover, it strongly reduces the risk of over a dozen kinds of cancer.

I grew up thinking that too much Vitamin D was toxic: That you could absorb too much calcium, get kidney stones, etc. Now they, (the American Medical Assoc. for one), says that we are not getting enough.

So, where do we get Vitamin D? Two of the richest sources are fish and liver.(Cod Liver Oil. I’m not a big fanJ). Most gourmet mushrooms. Dairy products and egg yolks have small amounts as well. Then of course the Vitamin D we make when sunshine hits our skinJ Supplementing with Vitamin D in the winter is especially important in people who stay in a lot. One study on elderly residents in Framingham found that blood Vitamin D levels dropped more than 20% in the winter. Another study on young women in Boston found that their levels dropped almost 30%.

So…sunshine is a good thing and it’s shining today!. Get out. Take a walk and make sure your diet contains the above suggestions, especially during these winter months!


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