Tip #32: Add a Protein Shake to your Diet

Protein builds muscles, and prevents dieters from losing muscle. The body makes mood-regulating brain chemicals and hormones from protein. The enzymes that digests food in the gut, neutralize toxins in the liver, and fight infections are proteins. Protein is the stuff of life It is that basic. Most importantly, protein helps stabilize blood sugar levels.

A protein shake for breakfast is one of the best, easiest things you can do for yourself. I sometimes have one for a mid-morning snack after my workout. My favorite kind of protein is whey. It has a mild, milky flavor, and it mixes up creamy in a blender or shaker cup, flavored or unflavored. It contains a fair amount of Vitamin B-12, which is hard to come by in Vegetarian diets. It’s easy to digest too. Whey is a dairy product, but good filtered whey is 99% lactose and cholesterol free.

You can buy it by the can at Whole Foods, a Health Food store or I believe Trader Joes carries it. Try some. It’s delicious. You’ll notice the difference as you start to build muscleJ




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