Today’s Tip #29, Eat your fruit 1st or alone.

What?! I thought eating fruit for dessert was a good thing? Well, Yes, and No. You see, fruit is digested quicker than any other food. In fact, it only takes 20 min. to digest, versus 4 hours or more for a large dinner… (and 4 days for a doughnut!...I’ll have to do some research, but I have heard this several times. How good could they be anyway!) OK I’m getting off track. So when you eat fruit AFTER your dinner, it sits on top of the meal that you just ate and causes, gas, acid reflux and sometimes burping. I like to eat fruit in the morning, or have an apple in the middle of the day. It’s OK to throw some berries on your oatmeal, just don’t empty the carton on it!

By the way, apples, like oatmeal, have a unique ability to prolong the full feeling due to the way in which they are digested, collecting water as they pass through the digestive tract. Several studies have shown eating an apple 20 mins. before a meal or for a snack promotes weight loss. As the saying goes, “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.” I always wondered why they said that!


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