Today’s Tip #27 is Portion Control

This is key: if you are looking to lose weight, be watchful of what you eat. Start with a smaller plate. Include 4 oz. of chicken, fish or lean meat and steamed veggies with a baked sweet potato. (or wrap a sweet potato in saran and microwave for 5 mins!). Do not load up for seconds! Remember your stomach is not that big. By the time you feel full, you have already eaten too much!

Stay away from pasta, bread and white potatoes for now. Trust me, you won’t miss them when you see your body starting to change. Does that mean you can’t have pizza ever again? Of course not! Just don’t eat the whole pizza at one sitting!

Eat healthy and watch your portions. You’ll feel much better walking away form the table, then when you are full to the brim! Interestingly enough, I have started to feel much more energized by eating smaller meals 5 times a day. I typically do not eat after dinner and opt for a cup of decaffeinated tea instead. I feel terrific!...and you should too if you are eating smaller meals more oftenJ





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