Day 7

Happy New Year! Today is the day that most people start their New Year’s resolutions and we are already on our 7th day!  Pretty good If you haven’t been true to your journaling, today is the day to catch up.  I’ll be the 1st to admit, that’s what I am doing. Today’s Tip:

“Prepare food in advance, in order to make better choices.”
The time we “fall off the wagon” is when we are busy and eating is the last thing on our mind. When we are finally starving, we grab anything in site. Not a good choice!

Sunday is a good day to set yourself up for the week.  By that I mean, perhaps cutting up veggies, making a soup, or large salad, and thinking ahead what your week will look like. Most often when I make a salad, I make enough for 2 or 3 meals. If I am cooking for myself, I’ll purchase 1 lb. of fish, bake it with lemon juice, and only eat half.  I’ll prepare a double batch of veggies as well. The following day, I’ll have a meal already made to eat healthy again. I also carry snacks in my purse and car as well. (Ex. Apples and Almonds). So think about this upcoming week, and start making healthy choices in advance!

Eating Tips