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Tip #90: Top 10 Ways to Stay Fit When You Travel

First, today marks 90 days since we started, so give yourself a hand!

After coming back from a trip yesterday after being away for a week, got me thinking about staying fit when you travel. It’s not easy all the time, but here are a few tips to help keep health and vitality in your life even if you are travelingJ

  • Plan your meals or snack BEFORE you leave for the airport. Bring something from home even if it’s some almonds and fruit. It’s better than what you can get once you arrive at the airportJ
  • Take advantage of your gym membership. Many gyms participate in what’s called a passport program that allows you to work out at hundreds of health clubs at no cost or a nominal fee. Check with your gym to see if they do. If not, go to www.healthclubs.com to find one near where you will be staying.
  • Work out on your layover. Have a few hours to kill on a layover? Log onto www.airportgyms.com to see if there is an in-house spa or fitness center in the terminal.
  • Rise and Shine. Set aside 15 mins. when you are away to stretch, breathe deeply, do sit-ups and push-ups, or do other wake-up exercises to get the day started on the right track.
  • Set a goal. Decide on how many times you are going to work out while you are away and enter into your schedule just like a planned meeting.
  • Exercise in the early AM. Hit the hotel gym first thing in the morning when it is less crowded. Lay out your workout gear the night beforeJ
  • Always pack your running/ walking shoes. You never know when you will have some downtime to take a run or walk in.
  • Bring protein drinks with you. I always pack some “Ener-C” packs and protein drinks or powder when I travel.
  • Use what you’ve got. You can create your own workout with things in and around your hotel room. Dips using a desk chair, calf raises using a large phone book, lunges on the edge of the bed, and the stairs for cardio!
  • Run or swim in the pool. Run laps around the perimeter of the pool or swim some laps, and I don’t mean up to the swim up bar either!
  • I hope you found a tip or two to help you out when you are away form home. Until tomorrow….




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