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Tip #40: Stronger Abdominal Muscles automatically improve your posture.

According to Jorge Cruise, NY Times best selling author of “8 minutes in the Morning to a Flat Stomach,” strong abdominal muscles help to support your spine, helping to keep it erect and long. They also hold your pelvis in the correct position, preventing swayback so often seen in pregnancy and increased age. Once you eliminate swayback, the rest of the spine falls in line, allowing you to bring back your shoulders and head and stand taller and more upright.

In fact, even if you don’t lose weight, your appearance will improve dramatically.  Stronger abdominal muscles will help you stand taller, creating a leaner appearance. You feel as if you have grown an inch in the process- just by improving your posture! Better posture helps you breathe more deeply. (We’ll talk about proper breathing in the next few days).

You can literally improve and strengthen your abs in a few minutes a day. Pick up a copy of Jorge Cruises new book. It’s an excellent read!



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