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Tip #170: Take Your Run Outside

Every time I go to the gym, I see people running on the treadmill. I run on a treadmill…in lousy weather. What I am getting at is it’s gorgeous outside; so why not take your run outside? Because it is harder!

When you are running on a treadmill, the conveyer belt does some of the work for you, but when you’re running outside, your body ahs to propel itself forward without motorized help. There is also more air resistance when you’re sweating outside, plus there’s usually a slight incline or decline. (When running on a treadmill, keep the incline at 1.0 to simulate running outside). Regular training will increase the blood flow to your muscles and build strength, making outdoor running easier over time.

I mentioned it before, but I always listen to tunes on my iPod when I run, because it helps me run further. Maybe it’s because I can’t hear myself breathing heavy. In any event, it works!

So roll out of bed a little earlier, don your favorite shorts and tee, and strap on your iPod. You’ll be amazed what you have been missing in your neighborhood!



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