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Tip #130: Add Pep with Peppers!

With a mild flavor and crunchy texture, bell peppers can brighten a salad or make a quick snack. PLUS they are rich in essential nutrients.

GREEN bell peppers have TWICE as much vitamin C by weight as citrus fruits, while RED bell peppers have THREE times as much! WOW!

My favorite recipes include gazpacho (YUM! It is best in the summer with fresh produce form the farmer’s market or your own garden!), and stuffed peppers. (I have 3 favorite recipes; anchovy and caper, turkey sausage stuffing and a zucchini and rice with a touch of cinnamon, YUMMY!). If anyone is interested in one of these, shoot me an email and I’ll write it up.

I’ll have to go shopping today for some fresh peppers!



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