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Tip #120: Spot reducing?

Yesterday I was with a friend and she mentioned that she only had time to do a few abdominal exercises before starting her day because she wanted to trim, her waistline. (She’s probably laughing as she is reading thisJ). This is terrific, although if you really want to reduce your waistline, or any other body area, the BIG key is to combine cardio (30 mins. 4X a week) with a strict diet.

I was with my trainer this morning and he remarked how he noticed he had put on some weight/inches around his middle. He took a look at his diet and realized that he was falling off, and eating fried foods, French fries, desserts, etc. He quickly turned around and within 2 weeks, was right back to his trim self again! You see, you probably have well defined muscles right underneath that fat, and by watching your diet and increasing your cardio, you’ll be right where you want to be as the warm weather increasesJ



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