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Tip #110: Walking/ Running off pounds!

For those of you who celebrate today, Happy Easter!   In reading the Globe this AM, I read an inspiration article about a man who commutes on foot two to five times a week from his apartment in Arlington to his office in Burlington – 6 2/3 miles each way!  On weekends he walks to the grocery store and movies for a total of 45 – 80 miles a week!  The article goes onto to say that in June of 2002 he weighed 387 pounds.  Today he weighs in at 185 pounds!  It takes him 2 hours to get to work.  The benefits, he remarks are, “fresh air, lots of thinking time, and feels great when he gets to work.  When he gets home at night, all of the stress has been worked out.”

Tomorrow is the Boston Marathon.  It’s an inspiration for many of us to perhaps take on a new challenge.  What will yours be?  Think about all the places you can walk vs. getting in the car.  Make it part of your DMO.  Take some extra time and breathe in some fresh air.  I’m off for a run before Easter dinner!

Until tomorrow, Best in health.



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