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Tip # 100: Eat All Day for Invigoration

A healthy diet (at least 1500 calories a day) that minimizes sugar and junk food and includes whole grains, lean protein and a variety of fruit and vegetables is the perfect energy-inducing strategy. (We all know this!). So here are some “tips” to help you stay charged:

Eat breakfast, no matter what! We’ve spoke about this before. One of my favorites is a high fiber protein cereal with fresh blueberries and almond milk. Yum!

Eat small “meals” or snacks, in between. Snacking can help you avoid an energy crash by keeping your blood sugar steady. Almonds mixed with plain yogurt or almond butter on a piece of apple are easy at-your-desk snacks.

Pack a power lunch. The key to midday energy is to eat veggies and protein (top it off with a little fat). Veggie choices include broccoli. Red and yellow peppers, onions and tomatoes because they are chock full of phytochemicals and antioxidants, which are crucial for energy production. Protein helps build muscle and takes longer to digest so you have a constant afternoon energy supply. Opt for a hearty salad with plenty of high quality, lean protein like low fat cottage cheese, chicken or fish. Stay away form Caesar salads, as they are LOADED with fat!

Have an afternoon snack. A 1pm lunch should stick with you until 4pm, which is when you need another carb, protein and fat snack to keep your body energized until dinner.

Fuel up at night. If you work out late in the day, make sure you eat about 2 hours before exercising and don’t skimp on dinner afterward. If you don’t fill up your tank after an intense session, you won’t be as refreshed and recovered for your next workout. A post-exercise dinner is a good time to eat foods high in zinc. The mineral is essential for energy production and repairing muscle fibers after a workout. Get it in oysters, poultry, seafood and legumes.

(Exert from Mary Ann Bauman, MD’s book on “Fight Fatigue”)




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